Meet The Founder

About PatWe hope you enjoy our site.  We believe in making fresh, natural skin care products.  My name is Pat and I have been in the health care industry for over thirty years.  I have my MSN in Nursing and I am Board Certified in Psychiatric/Mental Health as a Nurse Practitioner through the AmericanNursesCredentialingCenter. I am currently in the PhD Program at SaybrookUniversity in the Mind-Body Medicine with a specialization in Integrative mental Health Program.  Essential Body Pleasures started as a hobby.  I became interested in essential oils and discovered the therapeutic effect on the body.  The uplifting, purifying, energizing, and calming effect on the body is amazing.  I decided to incorporate the oils into freshly made body care products.

I have studied with Shanti Dechen, director of Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy  .  Topics have included Five Element Essentials, Five Element Reflexes, Five Element Acupressure and Five Element Aromatherapy. I have also completed “Aromatherapy Secrets for Flawless Skin Care” with Judy Godec, and  ”Using Essential Oils According to Traditional Chinese Medicine” with David Crow, LAC.  I have also completed weekend intensive studies with Joy Musacchio MA, LMT, CCA and Cynthia Brownley MS, LMT, CCA of Stillpoint Aromatics in Sedona, Arizona. I have most recently completed Aromatic Chemistry Certification Program and Organic Body Care Products Certification Program through East-West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies with Jade Shutes.

My husband, Scott, is my partner.  He is my right hand man. He helps with all aspects of the company and is the official wrapper of the soaps.  He tolerates me when I become focused on a new blend.

Our state of mind, health and our physical appearance are all connected.  Our emotions can often be read not only in our facial expressions but also in our physical condition.  Emotional stress, which can contribute to and exacerbate an illness, is reflected in many medical conditions we might have.

Escape from the hectic rush of your busy life and take time to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.  Essential Body Pleasures offers a variety of massage and skincare products because we believe everyone deserves to be pampered.  We know the better you feel on the inside, the more confident and happy you’ll be with how you look on the outside.  At Essential Body Pleasures we offer all natural skin care products infused with essential oils.

PLEASE NOTE: We are temporarily closed and will not be accepting orders. We are taking some time to enjoy summer/fall, while Pat finishes her Dissertation towards completing her PhD. WOW!!! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your continued patronage. Sincerely - Essential Body Pleasures