Skeeter Dope

Skeeter Dope


Say goodbye to those pesky bug bites with this all natural insect repellent. Skeeter Dope is our perfected formula the mosquitoes away and help decrease inflammation and relieve itching.  It also helps prevent head lice and ringworm.  Don’t leave home without this!

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Product Description

Tired of those pesky bugs biting you?  We have just what you’re looking for.  We have perfected this formula over the past year and feel confident you will find the mosquitoes stay away when using it.

In addition to mosquitoes, the combination of Lemongrass, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Oak Moss, Citronella, and Geranium essential oils will also help with the prevention of head lice and ringworm, decrease inflammation, and relieve itching.  We have also used the hydrosols of witch hazel, lavender and neem which are soothing and help keep those pesky bugs away.  The final ingredient is aloe which is well known for its skin soothing benefits.

For external use only and we recommend you check with your Healthcare Provider before using on children or if pregnant or nursing.

Size:  16 oz


“I have been traveling the east side of US. The bugs are atrocious out here. My mother who lives in Arizona sends me all kinds of concoctions FINALLY one that works is YOUR SKEETER DOPE. I NEED more PLEASE.” – Lori


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