We Believe…

In the power of Mother Earth.  We enjoy a good bar of soap, a hot shower and a soak in the tub.  We believe in fresh, simple skin care.  We like to smile every day.  We believe Mother Earth can supply the elements for that good bar of soap.  We promise to use her elements in our simple skin care.  We believe you will smile when you take that hot shower or soak in the tub with that good bar of soap made with the elements of Mother Earth from… Essential Body Pleasures.

Why We Create…

We think everyone should be able to enjoy handcrafted freshly made skin care products that are made from natural ingredients right at home.  Luxurious treatments only found at exotic spa’s are now brought to you at home, so you can enjoy them every day.  Rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit with aromatherapy, scrubs, facials and other delicious treatments while unwinding to meditative music in beautiful, soothing surroundings has never been easier.

Our products are designed to restore harmony and balance to the body by stimulating the body’s circulatory, lymphatic, and elimination systems, ultimately helping to release toxins and stress that build up in our bodies and minds.

Our products are made from all natural ingredients and freshly made with each order. We then infuse the products with quality essential oils.

We invite you to experience our rejuvenating Body Scrubs, Body Lotions, Aromatherapy Roll-ons and all natural hand made soaps right at home.

Meet Our Mascot

Sudzy with LogoWe love the outdoors and all the wonderful elements it has to offer.  We also love to explore and share our all natural skin care wherever we go… so we felt it only fitting to add a mascot to the team!  Meet Sudzy… she goes where we go and not only loves the outdoors to, but makes sure we always have fresh delicious soaps, lotions and more to share with you!  Stop by an upcoming event and say HI to her!


PLEASE NOTE: We are temporarily closed and will not be accepting orders. We are taking some time to enjoy summer/fall, while Pat finishes her Dissertation towards completing her PhD. WOW!!! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your continued patronage. Sincerely - Essential Body Pleasures